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GIC is committed to provide the finest translation services to its clients in a professional and timely manner. We work with the clients to assess the translation needs and customize the best solutions for them. We respect the valuable time of our clients and emphasize the creation of a translation plan that has a minimal impact on a company’s daily operations.


Before we begin the actual translation, we extract and translate the key terms, taking into consideration industry-specific issues, and cultural- and country-specific issues. This is especially important in projects that involve more than one translator, to maintain consistency in the writing style and terminology usage.

Translation Plan

After evaluation, we create the translation plan of action and schedule that pairs one or more best translators with the job.

Translation Review & Delivery

When a translation is received back from the translators, it is passed to our editorial review team. This team first reads the translation to make sure it has contextual relevance in the target language. The reviewers then compare the translation with the original to check for any missing elements.

Translation & Localization Services

Translation services teams translate scientific, medical, legal, or plain language content. Ensures accurate translation with a line-by-line review from an additional expert linguist. We work with certified linguists all over the world to ensure quality of translation. No matter the medium, we can bring words to life worldwide. We ensure accurate, high-quality translation and transcription in every language, everywhere. We offer complete video and multimedia translation, localization, and transcreation services. From locally relevant images to accurate subtitles and studio-quality audio and video production, we help you expand the reach and impact of your multimedia content.

Interpretation Services

When fast, high-quality interpretation services are mission-critical, GIC is here for you. Our suite of solutions includes various interpretation services.

Editing Services

Our linguistic editing services ensure your message is error-free and culturally accurate in every aspect.

Quality Check Services or Proofreading

Our Quality Management internal teams, help you get a clean, impeccable and assures that their proofreading services are most effective every time across all languages. Our proofreading services will surely give you a satisfied output. Once your work has been translated, you may validate that your translation matches the quality and your project guidelines firmly.

Audio-Visual media services

GIC provides accurate, effective, quality and affordable dubbing services through an extensive network of professional voice talent and video editors, covering multiple Indian and Foreign languages.

Cost-effective captioning services, customized for your platform and requirement.

GIC provides you clear and quality multilingual subtitling services for your videos and movies, with a fast turnaround in any language.

Voice Over
High quality voice over services through 1000+ professional artists in multiple languages, categories and accents.